A Brief History


For years, many smaller, disparate activities around Earth Day were hosted by organizations and institutions in Lowell and surrounding communities. In late 2014, UMass Lowell led an effort to explore collaboration opportunities with a wide variety of community organizations to create a month-long calendar of events around Earth Day.  As a result in 2015, about 25 organizations staged events to celebrate sustainability in Lowell in all of its aspects – environmental, artistic and cultural.

Over recent years this event has only grown. We now have a rich network of over 100 community partner organizations and institutions collaborating and taking part in a diverse array of collective programming across the city and region. We have established an annual collaborative, city-wide, month-long celebration of the arts, nature and sustainability. Local businesses, community groups, cultural and artistic organizations, public schools, the community college and the University all play integral roles in programming every year.

Core Beliefs:

We believe Lowell Earth Day:

  1. Strengthens the role (and perception) of the university as a central player in convening and coordinating community cultural activities, particularly as they relate to critical social, economic and political issues such as climate change and the protection of the environment.

  2. Raises awareness of climate change and sustainability.

  3. Raises the profile of Lowell as a leader in promoting arts, economic development and sustainability

  4. Engages the university in off-campus cultural activities.

  5. Provides a vehicle for engaging several critical constituencies, including:

    • Students and employees of higher education institutions at both the UMass Lowell campus and Middlesex Community College

    • Artists currently living and working in Lowell

    • Immigrant and minority groups in Lowell

    • Lowell Public School system

    • Lowell National Historical Park

    • Economic development organizations

    • Local businesses

  6. Creates and strengthens relationships between a wide variety of non-profits, businesses, institutions, public schools and government agencies.

  7. Provides opportunities for students of all levels to create or support educational experiences around climate change and sustainability in the community.

  8. Provides a model for other similar collaborations at the other UMass campuses and in other cities across the nation.

Photographs And Partners of Past Events

To get a better sense of our programs, check out our past event photographs and a list of past event partners.

Contact Us & Steering Committee

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