About: Lowell City of Learning

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It is clear, education and learning are deeply rooted in the City of Lowell…


Beginning back in the late 1970s with Pat Mogan’s vision of Lowell as “an educative city” and its embodiment in the actions that led to that led to the creation of the Lowell National Historical Park

Learning and a sense of sustainability have been built into the core fabric of the City.

America’s First City of Learning?

 Given the unique landscape of the city and the numerous institutions that call it home, we are perfectly situated to work to make Lowell a City of Learning. The designation is a formal process through the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). 119 cities across the world hold the official designation and none are in the United States.

Defining a City of Learning

 A Learning City is a city which effectively mobilizes its resources in every sector to 

  • promote inclusive learning from basic to higher education; 

  • revitalize learning in families and communities; 

  • facilitate learning for and in the workplace; 

  • extend the use of modern learning technologies;

  • enhance quality and excellence in learning; and 

  • foster a culture of learning throughout life. 

In so doing it will create and reinforce individual empowerment and social cohesion, economic and cultural prosperity, and sustainable development.

 What Would the Learning City Designation Mean for Lowell?

It will support and enhance the City’s:

  • Attraction as a destination for visitors

  •  Position to compete for business development

  • Image and practice as an inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable city 

  • Community cohesion and excitement across and within neighborhoods

  • Commitment to lifelong education and skills-building to meet the challenges of the Gig and Digital economy

  • National and international recognition 

How do we accomplish this goal?

  • Further connect Lowell’s wide-web of educational institutions, the National Historical Park, the numerous non-profits, galleries, and artists.

  • Continue to run a 5-Day Celebration of Learning that builds upon the partnerships and activities developed over the years by Lowell Earth Day.

  • Host an annual Festival & Parade for the Learning City and Earth Day